How to make a cardboard house with all of the law

In case you don’t know how to make a cardboard housewe are going to tell you the generalities to achieve this beautiful craft without much effort.

Craft work is always beautiful and very comforting. You can make anything that comes to mind, toys, decorations or even model houses that will be beautiful and that you can use as a gift or to make a dollhouse. The best thing is that you relax and start thinking about your next idea because we will share with you the best way to build your own home but made of cardboard.

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How to make a quick and easy cardboard house

Ready for the fun? Get all the materials you need ready and have fun putting together this little cardboard house that will be your pride and with which you can decorate your home:


  • A large square of cardboard
  • Corrugated cardboard
  • many pieces of cardboard

Implements necessary

  • Pencil
  • Rule
  • Glue gun
  • liquid glue
  • Scalpel

Time required

120 minutes

Estimated cost

$14,500 (COP)


Step 1. Trace and cut

The first thing you should do is lay the cardboard square on a flat surface. Now, at one of its ends, draw a rectangle of about 5 x 10 cm and cut it with the scalpel. Turn the entire square over and put silicone all over the contour. Immediately, stick cardboard sheets of the same size as this contour to raise the square. Take two equal pieces of cardboard and cut them in the traditional house shape (a rectangle with a pyramid shape on top). On one of them, draw the shape of a door and a window: cut with the scalpel. Separately, cut a couple of small figures like the normal square that has a window and paste it on the space of the window. Also, cut two rectangular pieces of cardboard that will join the two normal house shapes and in them cut the shapes of some windows (the ones you want) and decorate them with small square pieces as you did the previous one.

Step 2. Assemble

Take the 4 pieces (the two in the shape of a house and the two rectangular with windows) and start gluing them on the base that you assembled at the beginning of the previous step. Do it first by adhering them to this base and now glue all these pieces by their edges to adjust them and form the house. Once you have this frame, it will be time to cut two pieces of corrugated cardboard in the shape of a roof. To do this, simply take the measurement in the middle of this piece and cut with the scalpel without completely opening the pieces, but only making a double. Add silicone around the edge of the frame (where the roof will go) and glue each half of the roof.

Step 3. Decorate

Once you have this assembled house model, you can begin to form other pieces in cardboard that you want to decorate it. For example, you could make a staircase for the entrance, a chimney that comes out of the roof, or lanterns for the front of this home. Everything will depend on your creativity and taste. Cheer up and finish this beautiful craft.

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