How to make a billboard? Go back to school days

How to make a billboard? You have asked yourself a thousand times and you want to apply creative and simple designs in your presentations.

Do you remember the days of school when you had to know how to make a puppet? Those were days when the greatest fear in life was going to the board to exhibit together with your friends. Since then you have surely had to make many billboards, even for your current job.

how to make a billboard

It is something that does not go out of style and if you now have [email protected], then you need to be up to date on ideas to help make your next presentation a complete success. Learn the easiest way to make an eye-catching billboard.

How to make a pretty billboard

With this technique that we are going to show you, you will have a billboard with a good style and ready to impact those who see it:


  • Kraft paper (or newspaper)
  • Cardboard
  • Old newspapers or magazines (optional)

Implements necessary

  • Scissors
  • Markers of different thicknesses and colors
  • glue

Time required

60 minutes

Estimated cost

$1,750 (COP)


Step 1. Flatten and smooth the Kraft paper

On a flat and clean surface, unfold the kraft paper in its entirety, trying to unwrinkle it to have it as smooth as possible.

Step 2. Start writing your texts

In different spaces of the kraft paper, write with a thick marker and of the color of your preference all the texts (not so long) that are going to go on your billboard, always with a nice, legible handwriting and avoiding that some texts are stuck to the others, because later you will need to cut them. You can use a marker of another color and thickness to make shadows on the titles to highlight their outline.

Step 3. Cut the texts

You don’t need to do it in the most perfect way, because the idea is to make your billboard look rustic. You can help yourself with scissors or even rip the cut edges to make them look lopsided.

Step 4. Paste the texts on the cardboard

Using the glue, fix the texts and titles cut from your kraft paper to the cardboard, giving them the meaning that your exhibition needs. Avoid putting too many so as not to saturate with information. In case you want to put illustrations, you can paste clippings from magazines or drawings made by you that contextualize your texts.

Step 5. Decorate

Add arrows that connect ideas, margins, or color elements that enhance backgrounds and main concepts. That quick and easy your billboard will be finished and ready to receive an excellent grade.

We leave you more activities with cornstarch textures so you can put your manual skills into practice.

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