How to make a balloon arch? has no loses

To learn how to make a balloon archguarantees that your next parties and meetings have a decoration that expresses your personality.

Without balloons there is no party! Color and design are a fundamental part of impressing guests, so you should think carefully about where to place your balloon arch and, of course, add an exclusive touch that will give it another level.

How to make a balloon arch?

It’s time to bring out the artist in you and create the best design ever seen in balloon decorations for Christmas or any time of the year. We show you the easiest way to achieve it:


  • Colorful balloons
  • Nylon
  • Headband

Implements necessary

  • automatic inflator
  • Scissors

Time required

30 minutes

Estimated cost

$19,000 (COP)

How to make a balloon arch

Step 1. Assemble a Weight

Take a balloon, put it inside another one, inflate it, fill it with a little water and tie it closed. This will be your weight that will not allow the balloons to fly away.

Step 2. Inflate

Blow up pairs of balloons but don’t close them right away. Only when you have two puffs, turn their ends to tie them together. Repeat this with at least 50 different sized balloons.

Step 3. Join

Every time you have 4 inflated balloons, join them by turning them at the tips with each other, so that they are caught like the leaves of a flower.

Step 4. Tie

Tie the balloons with the help of the nylon, turning them so that they are tied on all sides. To this same cluster, tie the balloon weight to prevent them from blowing away. Subsequently, put your bunches of 4 balloons one on top of the other and tie some groups to others so that you build the shape of the arch.

Step 5. Paste

Finally, when getting your bow it is best to tape it to a wall or ceiling. Cut pieces of tape and distribute them at different points and adhere to the wall. Your balloon arch is ready to decorate and bring your celebration to life.

Did you know that there is also furniture made of balloons? We show them to you.