How to learn to kiss? See the step by step, here…

Whether or not you have a partner, have ever done it or never, we tell you how to learn to kiss, because it is a skill that we can improve.

Have you ever wondered if you’re a good or bad kisser? The boys you’ve kissed will never tell you; the good thing is that kissing is one of those skills that can be improved.

How to learn to kiss for the first time step by step?

To learn to kiss there are several techniques that you can implement, for example:

  • Watch videos of people kissing, because human beings learn by imitation.
  • Practice, you already know that theory is useless without practice; you can use the back of your own hand to simulate another mouth.
  • You can also use an ice cream as a partner, it will not judge you and it is delicious.
  • When you give your first kiss, moisten your lips, open your mouth and use your tongue to caress your partner’s oral cavity.
  • Intersperse kisses with your mouth open, with lip weights, that way you can both breathe and not feel suffocated.

What is the perfect kiss like?

Although you may think that kissing is something almost instinctive, the truth is that there are some steps that you must follow to make it an unforgettable kiss.

take care of your breath

Make sure you have fresh breath and clean teeth; Don’t forget to brush your tongue and have mints or gum handy.

Moisturize your lips

Nothing more horrible than kissing lips that are cracked or full of skin; keep them soft with balm or cocoa butter.

Piles with mouth and saliva

Control the size of the opening of your mouth, because if you get excited and open it too much, it can be annoying. The same thing happens with saliva, nobody wants to be drooling.

start soft

And little by little it increases the speed, but without losing the rhythm. Start accelerating by turning your head slightly from side to side, and playing with your tongue, without going very far with it.

How can you learn to kiss? don’t forget your body

Remember that you can hug, caress and even go further if the moment allows it; eye, you could go from one to something else.

The last step of how to learn to kiss is the easiest: repeat

Like everything in life, experience makes perfect, so the more you kiss, the better you’ll kiss, try it and you’ll see!

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With information from: Marie Claire