How to know the color of my aura and what is its meaning

Some people often wonder how to know the color of my aurabecause it is a transcendental question, which can help you to know your true essence.

Have you ever been told that you have a blue, green, or yellow aura? Surely you were «plop» because you had no idea what they were talking about. We will try to explain it to you in a simple way, because it is something really complex.

Aura is a word that comes from the Greek term air, which means breeze, and it is the luminous radiation that some people claim to perceive around other living beings. This glow would influence the perception that others have of that being.

However, it must be clarified that this ancestral knowledge is still part of parapsychology, since science has not proven its existence; That is why many people feel that we radiate energy and that is why energetic cleanings are carried out, such as baths to release negative energies, which are effective if we want to keep our vibe positive.

How to know the color of my aura?

Although there are several methods to know it, such as those that use numerology based on the date of birth, we share one that is very easy and for which you only need a mirror.

Before you start, find a quiet place where you feel comfortable and have a full-length mirror right in front of you. Next, close your eyes and try to feel inside yourself and focus only on your breath.

When you feel relaxed, open your eyes and stare at your face in the mirror, keeping your breath slow. For a few seconds you can see in the reflection the color that represents you.

What does the color of the aura mean?

Those who know the current of the New Age believe that human beings are much more than flesh and bones: we are also emotions, consciousness and spirituality. They assure that we have an astral connection with the Universe, as well as an ethereal and divine part.

According to experts on the subject, the color of the aura is evidence of this connection and its different shades could convey to an expert eye information about the individual’s way of being, their feelings, personality and emotions.

What are the colors of the aura?

  • Red: You are a strong, brave, energetic, stubborn, passionate person and you are not afraid to take risks in life.
  • Orange: Your personality is positive, cheerful and loyal. However, you often have problems in your intimate life.
  • Yellow: You are intuitive, creative, happy, intelligent, self-confident and have enormous magnetism.
  • Green: You are a very spiritual person, which makes you compassionate, faithful and generous.
  • Blue: You tend to be too sincere, although idealistic. You can’t help but be optimistic and you prefer calm, so you are very nice in social contexts.
  • Violet: It is associated with wisdom. You have artistic gifts and, luckily for your partners, you are very affectionate.
  • Pink: You are a modest, refined and very mystical person; however, you stand out for your compassion and sensitivity.
  • Silver: You are characterized by being very active, versatile and faithful, although you have much more character than the other colors.
  • Golden: Everyone sees in you a leader and that is why you often serve as a guide to those around you.

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