How to know if someone likes you, watch out for these signs!

Love love…. How to know if someone likes you It may seem difficult, but with these tricks it will be much easier to find out.

If you are beginning to be interested in a special person, but you have doubts about how he or she feels about you. We give you some tips with which you can discover if that person also likes you or if he gives you signs that something may happen between the two of you.

How to know if someone likes you, signs of attraction

Although some people are very obvious with their feelings and quickly show how they feel about each other. Many times it can be more complicated, that’s why we give you some tips with which you can start to see if that person you like is also interested in you.

How does he look at you?

It is clear that we do not always look with the same eyes at all those around us and less when there is a pleasure. That’s why the first thing you should notice is the way he looks at you. The signs may be that he stares at you, smiles with his eyes, or looks at you intensely. In addition, they say that when you are with the person you like, your pupils dilate, so you can also look at this aspect. And finally pay close attention, if when they are talking he looks at your lips, since this is an uncontrolled impulse that only shows that he wants to kiss you.

Smile all the time

If when you are sharing with that person, all the time you notice that he is smiling. This is a clear sign that there is a taste, because when you share with someone for whom you have feelings, he is happy, he is comfortable, he feels good. For this reason, happiness flows throughout your body and the smile is that symbol of well-being.

Find time to be close

When there is attraction and liking, that person will want to spend time with you. For that reason, she will always look for some plan or any excuse so that they can be together and share as much time as possible.

Lean her body towards you

This is an impulse that many times people do not realize, because they do it involuntarily. The truth is that when you speak pay attention if that person begins to lean her body towards you to listen to you better or to feel closer. It’s an instinctive thing that shows you care about someone.

physical closeness

Normally when you are interested in a person you want to be close, so if he touches your hand, pats you on the shoulder, pampers your arm or hair, it is a key indicator that tells you that he is really interested.

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