how to interpret the energy of light beings

Nowadays many people do spiritual channeling activity, but do you know what it really is, what spiritual channeling consists of and what energy channelers are? How should one carry on to find the light? Discover all this in the following report.

What is spiritual channeling: what is it

We all have a mental activity known as intuition. It is not about a knowledge that we have and that we have acquired, but rather it is a channel of communication with other dimensions, which allows us to receive messages from our guardian angels, or from our spiritual guides, or whatever each person calls them. religion or belief to these beings of light.

As spiritual channeling we know the form of communication between human beings and the beings that are in that other sphere non-physical (angels, spirits of nature, beings of light in short). The role of energy channelers is very similar to the role of an interpreter or translator.

In other words, spiritual channeling is nothing more than feeling the arrival of a message and feeling all the fundamentals of oneself.

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The role of energy channelers

The spiritual channeler allows himself to feel, to communicate with another being, and then joins human words to what he perceives, to what he is able to share with other humans. Each person receives the signs in a different way And, with time and practice, you will be able to perceive if you are in the process of spiritual channeling or if you are simply letting your creative mind flourish. Spiritual channelings can come in the form of vision, sensation, or textual content.

Some experts point out that the channelers of energy receive the information first at the level of intuitions and feelings, and that later their mind will transmit all this in the form of words. This is because beings of light would not use human language, considering it artificial and contingent, and consider the manifestation of sensations and feelings richer.

The channelers of energy have an important role, since they can decide what or who wants to channel, if the interest of the other party is also present, and make the connection and the transmission. For example, there are many people who channel Archangel Michael; if the entity accepts the invitation to communicate with the channelthe flow of information beyond the level of words can be established.


Spiritual channeling and trance: is there a connection?

A very popular belief is thatSpiritual channelers have to go into a deep trance, or even put your body at the disposal of the entity, so that it enters it, as if it were a temporary possession.

However, it should be noted that the channel is very similar to other communication possibilities, whether verbal, corporal, or linked to writing or in the evenings. They all communicate a message, which depends on the receiver’s definition and interpretation.

In this sense, it is pointed out how most channelers are aware of themselves and the activities around them as you focus your attention and your sense on the beings of light you are attempting to channel. Today, it is not common for spirit channelers to leave their bodies or minds in the process of communicating with angels, spirits, or any other entities with which they are connected.

Spiritual channeling and pets: the sixth sense of animals

At home, domestic animals, pets, are very powerful in spiritual channeling, something that may sound familiar to you from movies in which the dog or cat reacts in some peculiar way when they detect the presence of a spirit or any other entity.

Pets obviously don’t use language like we do, but they have a strong desire to communicate with humans. If you notice that your pet is receiving a message, simply Drop all your expectations of hearing words and try to feel what the animal feels.

As soon as you open yourself to your feelings and emotions, your mind will naturally find the right words and phrases through which your human consciousness deepens the understanding of communication.

As you become more confident in yourself and your power to understand messages from beings of light, and as your spiritual channeling experiences with your pet increase, the information will flow to you more easily and quickly, without having to manifest a prior desire to receive it.


Can spiritual channeling bring in dark beings?

Many people, when receiving messages through spiritual channeling, wonder if the door can be opened to a negative or dark entity, as opposed to beings of light. However, let us remember that energy channelers can choose and decide who and what they want to channel, Just like you can choose who you want to talk to in a face-to-face conversation.

The channeler can strongly express the desire to receive the name and origins of the entity that wants to contact him, and when he is an expert in spiritual channeling, we will be able to feel the level of consciousness of that presence by feeling his level of consciousness. awareness and value of information.

Regarding the information you give us, your intuition will tell you whether or not to trust the channeled message that you have received Our own thoughts, prejudices, beliefs and feelings act as interferences in the signs we receive, and for this reason it takes practice and the best intention of neutrality to silence reasoning and train the mind to adequately receive messages from beings of light. .