How to hide straight bangs and «change» your cut?

If you are already bored with your capul and want to change your hairstyle, here we show you how to hide the straight bangs.

We girls are dissatisfied with some aspects of our image; for example, with hair. If we have it blonde, we dye it dark, if it’s curly, we straighten it and if we cut it, we miss it long!

That, precisely, happens to some of us when we get the irrepressible impulse to get thick and straight bangs, and then, as the days go by, we get tired of looking the same.

We show you how to hide straight bangs

The problem with the capul or straight fringe is that we can’t cut it any more, because we ruin it and we end up looking like a burrito, that’s why it’s always best to let it grow; but it can be easily hidden.


  • A straight fringe or capul that you’re bored of

Implements necessary

  • Two hair hooks known as invisible.

Time required

1 minute

Estimated cost

$2500 (COP)

How to hide straight bangs? So

1. Split

Divide your bangs into two halves. You decide if you want in half or to one side. It depends on how you feel most comfortable.

2. Secure

With a hook, secure the corresponding capul side, above the ear. If your fringes are very thick, you can use two hooks on each side.

3. Cover

Use your hair to cover the hooks, bringing it towards your face. You will be very pretty and comfortable.

And ready! You have temporarily changed your court. A recommendation, avoid running your hands through your hair so as not to dislodge the hooks, and check from time to time in front of the mirror if they are in place.

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