How to hide a WhatsApp chat without deleting it?

Awesome trick! surely you have wondered how to hide a whatsapp chat without deleting it; Well the answer is here.

Although there are millions of compelling reasons not to check your partner’s phone, not everyone thinks like you, nor does everyone have the same respect for the privacy of others.

So you can become the victim of someone who is jealous and searches your cell phone for evidence of WhatsApp messages that open the door to infidelity. Better prevent, right?

We tell you how to hide a WhatsApp chat without deleting it

If you do not want anyone who has taken your cell phone by chance to read your private conversations, you should do this on an Android mobile:

  1. Enter WhatsApp.
  2. Find the conversation with another person that you want to hide.
  3. Keep your finger pressed for a few seconds on it (without entering) and click on the icon that is in the upper area, just to the left of the three dots.
  4. The chat will disappear.
  5. In the upper right part you will have the three vertical options points. Next to it, a white box with an arrow pointing down; click there.
  6. Once you have pressed it you will see that the chat will disappear.
  7. If they talk to you, the chat will automatically reappear on the main screen.

And how to hide WhatsApp messages on iPhone?

  1. Open WhatsApp.
  2. Go to the conversation you want to hide from plain sight.
  3. Keep your finger pressed for a few seconds on the conversation (without entering it) and click on the “Archive” option.
  4. The chat will disappear and will be hidden. This one will only reappear if they talk to us.

Reaching archived chats on iPhone is much easier than on Android, since we will not have to go down to the oldest chat, just click on the “Archived Chats” button, just above the “Broadcast lists” and “Create group” sections. .

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