How to get the perfect eyebrows

The shape of the eyebrows defines the appearance of the entire face, and plucking them poorly or with a figure that does not favor the configuration of the face could be fatal for the aesthetic image.

To help women take care of their brows, professionals Monica Pujadas, Beauty Sales Manager at Tweezerman, and Agnieszka Pazdzior, Director of Training at Benefit Cosmetics, gave some advice to Yahoo!

In general, they recommend keeping your brows apart, but not too far apart. Meanwhile, those with small heads will look better with thin, sparse lines.

Pujadas indicated that how the eyebrows are modeled will depend on the shape of the face, so that they harmonize. The different options are:

– Oval: all types suit you, but it’s best to keep a gentle angle.

– Elongated: straight and horizontal eyebrows, because this will give the impression of a shorter face.

– Round: Ascending eyebrows, so that they give more height to the face.

– Square: tending to a triangular type will give dynamism to the features.

– Heart: thin and short eyebrows. In addition, he would agree to leave them slightly rounded.

Meanwhile, to reduce the pain and carry out the process correctly, you can be guided by these simple tips:

1- Wax after showering:

After bathing is when the pores of the skin are more dilated, so if the eyebrows are plucked at that time, it will hurt less. Also, the hairs will come out more easily.

2- One eyebrow at a time:

Do not pluck both eyebrows at the same time because you will lose concentration and they will not be the same. It is better to finish one and then continue with the other, keeping a certain distance to compare the proportions.

3- Pull out the hair in the direction of growth:

They must remove the hairs in the direction of their growth to extract them from the root, and one by one, not several at the same time.

Taken from biobiochile