How to eliminate the bad smell in the crotch?

Does it smell like cheese or fish? Do not worry, leave the shame aside and get down to work to solve that problem of how to remove the bad smell in the crotch.

Whether for medical reasons or due to lack of good hygiene, this problem can occur, which is undesirable for everyone (and for men as well). To begin with and for you to be careful, this is the underwear that causes a bad smell, but we also have other great formulas so that you are not going to pass a bear.

Bad smell in the crotch

The bad smell in the intimate parts can be due to many causes and is something completely natural, however it can be improved in a very simple way. Eye, if it is accompanied by flow, itching or pain, run to the gynecologist! If the medical cause is already ruled out, follow these tips:

Bad smell in the crotch woman

Look at these simple techniques to avoid that strange smell in the intimate parts.

wash daily all your intimate area with warm water…

Don’t use bar soapbecause it can irritate you, prefer a liquid soap specially designed for your intimate part…

Dry well with a towel clean your entire crotch before getting dressed, moisture can cause a bad smell…

Swap toilet paper for wet wipes for baby, sometimes paper waste gets trapped in your intimate area and can decompose there…

Urine always after making love…

This is the reason why you should always do chichi after «sleeping» with someone… True! =>

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Wear cotton underwearsome synthetic fabrics immediately cause an unpleasant odor… If you use protectorsChange them several times a day and don’t sleep in them unless you have a heavy flow…

Bad smell in the crotch man

This is not just a problem for women. They can also suffer from this problem due to bacteria that affect the dermis near the genitals.

Eliminate this problem is not at all difficult. For example, once a day you can use a little warm water and a mild cleanser to wash the genital area. We did not discover anything new but it is important that when you bathe daily, you rinse this area and wash it with intimate soaps to reduce infections. Remember to go to the doctor if you feel discomfort and unusual smells.

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