How to dress casual? Here we give you some ideas

If you are not sure how to dress casual, because you think that word can mean anything, fresh, we give you some outfits that you will love.

You read it in magazines and web pages, but what do fashion editors mean when they write casual outfit? Let’s analyze the core of the word casual = chance.

How to dress casual? As if by chance!

This is why dressing casual is not as easy as it seems, because It must seem that the choice of clothes was randomwithout much planning.

However, you should keep in mind that a casual look is not neglected, as the expression is also used as opposition to the formality of a dress.

Next we share some ideas to inspire you in them when dressing casual.

Fisherman pants and jacket

Pleated skirt and knotted shirt

Dressed with a jumpsuit underneath, the best example of how to dress casual

Leather jacket and t-shirt

Jeans and sweatshirt

The perfect example of how to dress casual

for rainy days

Clown pants and t-shirt

As you can see, a casual outfit It is not achieved by putting on the first thing you find in the closetno ma’am, the idea is to choose each garment like someone who doesn’t want the thing.

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