How to discover an infidelity of a man?

Many women who are in a relationship wonder how to discover a man’s infidelity. Here, 5 tricks to achieve it.

Why are human beings mostly monogamous when our nature drives us to be polygamous? We seem to be naturally disposed to seek out multiple partners.

That is why infidelity is such a widespread phenomenon; Although the solution could be to opt for some kind of open relationship, many of us are still unable to accept it. It’s not that easy!

We tell you how to discover an infidelity of a man

If you are already sure that your boy is betraying you and you just need the proof to end the relationship, we will give you some tricks to get it, which rarely fail. Take note…

1. Ask him again

This is a technique used by crime investigators: you try to write down all the details of his story and then, at a later time, ask him to tell you the same thing again. If his story changes over and over again, he’s lying to you.

2. Look at his clothes

Sure, you can check his shirt collars for lipstick, but a womanizing man will know how to avoid those accidents, so you better check if there’s a sudden change in his dress, is he getting ready for someone else?

3. Activate your sense of smell

If you are one of those who perfectly knows the smell of your partner, it will be very easy for you to detect the scent of another person on their body, whether it is a subtle feminine perfume or even the smell of sex.

4. Check your trips and routes

Look at the odometer on your car or motorcycle. You can write down the mileage before and after a supposed trip to see if the distance correlates with where your partner says they were.

5. Check your credit card details

Look for suspicious payments to places like “Inversiones Las Palmas” and check if they are motels. Compare the dates with your «Thursdays with friends» or «work late nights» to draw conclusions.

Tell us, how did you catch your cheating boyfriend or husband? Write the story in the comments of this note, and share it on your networks! Your contacts will thank you.