How to deal with a separation? TIPS

A divorce is difficult for anyone, however, it is even more difficult if we do not know how to deal with a separation, therefore, we give you some tips so that you can overcome this process.

No matter how bad we are with our partner, a separation is always traumatic, so let’s rest or let us know that deep down it was the best for both of us. Sometimes the tusa is so tremendous that some people could fall into depression.

That’s why we consulted with the psychologist André Didyme-Domewho, in addition to being a master in communication, does couples therapy, even when the objective of the consultation is to end the relationship on good terms.

Take note of these useful tips on how to deal with a separation

1. Have reality principle: Assuming that people can stop being in love and that relationships can end.

2. Be civilized: Try to finish on the best terms and more so if you have children.

3. Do not involve third parties in couple conflicts or make dismissive comments about the other to individuals outside the relationship.

4. A nail does not drive out another nail: Give yourself time. Don’t get obsessed with having someone by your side just for the sake of having them.

5. Being selfish: Deal with individual projects and plans and use solitude to grow as a person.

6. Take advantage of that moment to take care of yourself physically, intellectually and emotionally and to satisfy whims like traveling, for example.

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