How to control the calorie intake in your diet?

If you want to lose weight, but you don’t know how to control calorie intake in your day to day, here we give you some very effective tricks, and it’s not a diet!

Many girls are fed up with diets that don’t work or that work for a few months, but then stop being effective and the weight goes back on.

That is why in this note we focus on the way you usually eat: the frequency, the amounts of food, what you do while you eat, etc., following the recommendations of the Harvard University School of Medicine.

How to Control Calorie Intake According to Harvard

To control your weight, you can follow these simple rules to reduce calories in your diet:

write down what you eat

If you keep a food diary you become aware of what you are giving your body each day and you get valuable information about the excesses or foods that you could replace with others with fewer calories.

Don’t make drastic changes

Change your diet gradually to make sure you’ll be able to stick with it. Abruptly reducing the amount and type of food you eat will probably be counterproductive, because you will suffer from the famous yoyo effect.

Know your own appetite

Note when, where and with how much food you start to feel full. Never take less than 20 minutes to eat, because that is the time it takes for your stomach to tell your brain that you are satisfied.

Concentrate on eating, only

While you eat, focus on your food instead of reading or watching TV. Feel the texture, flavor, and aroma of every bite you’re eating.

Paying attention to the sensations that food causes you engages your mind in the physical act of eating and makes you aware of the amount of food you eat, so you should feel more satisfied afterwards.

Hide high-calorie foods

If you see chocolates, they will surely make you want to eat them. What can you do? Easy, put healthy snacks such as apples, strawberries or nuts, which fill you up and have fewer calories, on display and hide the sweets or packages.

serve small portions

A small portion provides fewer calories. It is preferable that you eat smaller portions more times a day than two or three large meals; remember that the stomach is like a balloon, it can expand and shrink depending on how much you use to fill it.

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With information from: HealthHarvard