How to combine skirt with ankle boots to look divine

We show you some super cute ideas How to combine skirt with ankle boots. We have outfits for all tastes and occasions.

Ankle boots are an essential type of shoe for any girl, we should all have at least one pair in our closet! Also called low-cut boots, this type of footwear is very versatile, however some girls find it difficult to combine them with a skirt.

So that this does not become a problem again, we show you some basic rules that you must follow to wear these two garments at the same time and look divine. Quite a loot!

Ideas to combine skirt with ankle boots

for an office day

Combine your formal short skirt with formal ankle boots without stockingsyou will look very elegant but with a youthful touch!

With opaque tights

If you don’t feel comfortable with bare legs, you can cover them with thick opaque tights

or pantyhose

Although you can also wear veiled stockings with this look, but not skin colorYou will look very chic…

bohemian outfit

But the short skirt with ankle boots will not only look good if you wear it formally, on the weekend you can wear bohemian and put together a hippie look

Skirt with rock boots

oh! But if you go rumbachoose the black leathers combined with t-shirts and miniskirts, you will look divine!


We have shown you only short skirts, but you can also combine your ankle boots with a long skirt, below the knee. How about this pint with a built-in tiger?

formal outfit

If you want a more formal look, a long skirt will look divine with ankle boots to go to the office If you have this footwear combined chromatically with your bag…

Try these looks, you will look different but divine, you’ll see!

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