How to combine red pants

With what clothes and colors can red pants be combined? There is no single answer.

It is always possible to create several looks from a single garment; we simply have to define the style we want to achieve. An elegant and special look? Or maybe a more rebellious style? With a red pants you can achieve those and many more! Here you can see several fashion tips that will guide you when wearing red pants.

Printed sweater: Although striking, red is still a solid color, which means that you can combine it with printed garments of the colors and motifs you want. What do you think of this blue sweater with stars for red pants? A combination of the most youthful and cool!

Striped T-shirt: Within the prints to combine with red pants that I just mentioned, there are horizontal stripes, of course. But I deserve a separate comment because, particularly, the stripes in shades of white and blue -as we see in the look in the photo- go very well with red to create the adorable navy style.

Buttoned shirt: A classic and feminine white -or black- buttoned shirt is one of the best options to combine red pants. If you want to be even more fashionable, opt for a shirt with transparency. The red + neutral color combination also gives you the freedom to wear a printed blazer or cardigan, as we see in the image.

Neutral color garments: Neutral colors always come in handy to accompany intense colors and, in this sense, a nude-colored shirt -or it could also be grey, pale pink or pastel tones- achieves a beautiful, elegant and harmonious combination with red pants.

black garments: I love the combination of red and black! Ideal to give a rocker touch to our clothing. We know that black goes with everything, so let yourself wear it with red. Here we see an outfit of high-waisted red pants (spectacular!) with a black top, black blazer and black shoes. You like?

black blazer: We have seen several ways to wear a black blazer and here is another one: with red pants! I love this combination, especially if it is to accompany a white t-shirt to look casual and elegant at the same time. For the feet try to wear black shoes too.

Animal Print: Do you want to give a sexy touch to your look? So, the addition of red with animal print is one of the styles that you can aspire to for a very trendy outfit. You can use leopard print, zebra print or choose an animal print similar in tone to your red pants with composé shoes, as we see here.

monochrome: You can also combine red with red and achieve a most colorful monochrome look. In this sense, it is valid to wear red pants with a red blazer, always ensuring that they are of the same tone. You can make a difference with accessories or shoes of another color. You dare?

Neon: I confess that this combination is personally «a bit too much» for me, but it is completely fashionable, so I couldn’t leave it out. Neon is the latest trend, and with it it seems that anything goes. Dare to combine red pants with a neon shirt.

Source: iWoman