How to combine dresses with tennis? Yes, tennis!

It is not crazy to combine dresses with tennis, on the contrary, it is a very cool outfit, if you know how to do it correctly.

We love the trend of combining dress with tennis: it is comfortable, fresh, youthful, it frees our feet from the discomfort of high heels and is an excellent alternative when ballet flats peel our skin. We share some divine pints for you to copy…

Combine the dresses with tennis, like this…

Gray dress close to the body

You can protect yourself from the cold With a jacket, a leather jacket or even a more formal coat, you will look great!

french style

a striped dress looks perfect with white or black sneakers; if you are skinny, horizontal stripes will suit you, but if you are chubby, prefer vertical ones.


shirt dresses combined with tennis they look spectacular.

The classic black dress

If yours is blackyou can combine your dress with white sneakers or Converse.

If you are a hipster, tennis dresses are for you

a little dress hipster With this type of footwear it can be the most tender combination you can wear.

For the cold

You can also try with warmer materialslike these wool and thread dresses.

And with tiny dresses

So cute! The tiny and very short dresses are ideal for hot land.


You can also wear very long dresses, which rub against your ankles.

And even with tulle dresses!

Dresses made of this sheer, flowing material were all the rage a few years ago, and are still widely used today.

And if they are pregnant tennis dresses are dun hit

It’s the perfect pint! Well, it gives you the comfort and elegance that you need in this important stage of your life.

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