How to combine clothes well to look divine?

if you wonder how to combine clothes well, we tell you that there is a correct way to do it and it is not that difficult, but it depends on each garment. Take note!

Many of us have the habit of saying “I have nothing to wear” when the truth is that we have many clothes that we don’t know how to take advantage of, and one of the best ways to do it is by combining them intelligently; In this note we suggest how to do it.

We show you how to combine cold and warm colors in clothes

Before starting, we have to clarify what and which are the warm and cold colors so that you are clear about how to make the most successful combinations.

  • warm colors: Yellow, red, orange, gold, etc. They are characterized by being associated with the sun and fire and connote joy. To the eye, they seem to be getting closer.
  • Cold colors: Blue, green, purple, etc. They are tones associated with water and nature, so they connote tranquility. Unlike the warm ones, they seem to be moving away.
  • Neutral colors: White, black, gray and nude (beige). They can be combined with any other color, as they go with everything.

You can build on the Theory of color to combine these different shades. Look at the chromatic circle that we share below…

Locate the color you want; you can combine it by juxtaposition with the one just in front of it (the complementary one) or with its neighbors on the sides (its analogs).

How to combine green clothes

If we do it by juxtaposition, it would give us that its complement is red, but so that you don’t end up looking like a Christmas tree, you can look for similar tones within the spectrum, taking it to neon, for example; You will see how you look with a very stylish look Agatha Ruiz de la Prada.

How to Wear a Red Dress

doWhy are women who wear red jealous?? According to a study, this color is used by nature to attract attention, especially during reproduction, and this occurs from flowers to baboons, including humans. That is why the correct way to combine a striking red dress is with nude; We recommend wearing it with skin-colored heels.

How to combine gold in clothes

Gold steals all eyes, so it is advisable to use it for accessories or specific garments, such as handbags or shoes; in any case, the best way to combine it is with the neutral colors black, white and beige.

How to Wear a White Dress

A white dress is very easy to combine, because this color literally goes with everything, however, you can exploit all your glamor if you combine it (following the previous point) with a pair of beautiful golden heels.

How to combine black clothes? You’ll love it!

How to Wear a Black Dress

They say that every woman should have at least one black dress in her wardrobe, and it is a classic that you cannot miss, because it is so versatile that you can wear it for any occasion. The right mix depends on where you’re going:

  • If you go to a funeral, the outfit must be total black
  • To go rumba, combine it with a leather jacket and high boots
  • On a romantic date, stilettos and a nude coat will make you look very romantic
  • For the office, combine it with a gray blazer
  • And if it’s for the weekend, dare to wear it with white sneakers, you’ll look very youthful!

How to Wear a Black Skirt

It doesn’t matter if your skirt is A-line or pencil-style, a great way to pair it is with a white top, blouse, or shirt. As for footwear, you can wear anything from comfortable ballet flats to 12 cm heels, including, of course, white sneakers for the weekend, in which case you should wear black on top; You can find this and other tips at Vibra if you want to know how to combine long skirts with sneakers.

How to combine dress shorts for the office?

Although the short is a garment that is generally sporty, there are also some very dressy ones, which you can even wear in the office if you combine them with opaque tights (does not apply in hot land), jumper and ballet flats.

How to Wear White Shorts

It is the perfect for your vacation. You can combine it with bright colored garments such as orange, fuchsia and even parrot green. You must bear in mind that the underwear you wear must be skin-colored, so that it is not transparent.

How to combine a jogger? Fashion pants!

Have you seen those sports pants, skinny, but wide at the hip and usually high-waisted? Although at first they were used to be at home, now they are perfect to take anywhere. If you are wondering how to combine jogger pants, we will tell you that they are very versatile, since they go with almost any casual garment that you have in your closet.

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