How to comb frizzy hair?

If your hair is frizzy, stop fighting with it and take advantage of it to make these hairstyles.

If you are like most of the women in the world, you spend your time fighting with the frizz of your hair. This static energy causes each hair strand to reject the others, making your hair look Like when the Pink Panther came out of the dryer

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But having frizz in the hair is not so bad, in fact, there are some hairstyles that look better with fluffy hair, like the Afro, increasingly fashionable. Take a look at some of them below…

very high bow

To get this chignon to stay in place, women have to tangle their hair by passing a comb against the grain, so frizz would prevent this procedure.

hippy style

A band on your forehead, even made of your own hair, is the only thing you need to get a hippie style, which will look more natural and free if your hair is frizzy.

Headband with gathered hair

A headband with the hair collected only looks good if it has a lot of volume, a characteristic that the frizz gives it naturally. Otherwise, your head will look like it was licked by a cow.


This style is what you achieve by gathering your hair with an alligator as far back and high as possible, and pulling highlights in all directions, although you can also achieve it with clips or combs. It is an ideal look for frizzy hair, because the more static you have, the better it will look.


If you have curly hair, leave it with its natural frizz and you will get an Afro hairstyle, which is becoming more and more fashionable even in women whose natural hair is straight.

mermaid style

This hairstyle requires curling hair only from the cheeks down; if you have frizz, take advantage of it to do the opposite procedure, smoothing the hair from the cheeks up and leaving it natural from the cheeks to the ends.

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