How to clean and disinfect the house from coronavirus?

We explain the correct way to clean and disinfect the house of the coronavirus. Take note!

In addition to washing your hands properly and practicing social distancing, you can also take care of yourself and your family by cleaning and disinfecting your home and objects that you touch on a daily basis, such as your cell phone.

That is why we give you some guidelines that you must follow in your home to reduce the risk of contagion of viruses such as coronavirus, which can «live» on your spoon or kitchen table for several days.

We tell you how to clean and disinfect the house of the coronavirus in 2 stages

It is not rhetoric, it is not because writing these two words looks nice, much less is it redundant or repetitive; is literally the right way to clean your house right now.

Stage 1: How to clean the house?

Before disinfecting, it is necessary to clean, because in this way the surface is prepared for disinfection. To do it use soap and water or a detergent specialized for each material.

For example, if you are going to clean a rug or carpet, use the product specially designed for that purpose; Of course you can use the same one for all surfaces, but some could be damaged.

Stage 2: How to disinfect the house from coronavirus?

Forget vinegar, ethyl alcohol and lemon, what you should use is chlorine, But not in any way. You must prepare a solution of 4 teaspoons per liter of water.

Then use a sprinkler to apply to the surfaces and clean with a cloth. Be very careful, then could you remove fabric stains of dark tones.

you can also use commercial disinfectants or even alcohol but industrial and at least 70% of concentration. Remember to wash your hands before and after the process and protect yourself with gloves.

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