How to clean a baby’s ears, tips to do it safely!

if you want to learn how to clean a baby’s earswe have the best tips for you to do it safely.

Cleaning your baby’s ears can seem like a very difficult and above all delicate task, because you don’t want to hurt your little one’s ears. However, there is a simple way with which you will learn to take care of his little ears without putting him at risk.

What not to do to clean a baby’s ears

The first mistake that many adults make is to clean the baby’s ears with a cotton swab, cup, stick or whatever they call it in your country. Remember that you should never stick anything on the baby’s eardrum as a way to get rid of the earwax, this can cause you to rupture the eardrum or make the earwax problem worse. Also, under no circumstances should you put your finger in the baby’s ear, if you think that the earwax problem is strange or serious in your little one consult a specialist.

How to clean baby’s ears

Cleaning the ears with a washcloth can be a very good option, what you should do is moisten a washcloth with warm water but not hot. Then, touch the wipe well and remember that it should not drip because water cannot fall into the baby’s ear.

Then you have to gently rub the washcloth around the outer ear to pick up any wax buildup. But remember that you should NEVER put the wipe inside the baby’s ear, you should only clean the outside.

baby ear care

It is important that you be careful with your baby’s ears when you give him a head bath, you should never allow water to fall on his little ears. Also, if you notice that some water has remained in the auricle, that is, at the entrance of the ear, you have to dry it carefully with a cotton towel.

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