How to choose the color for my eyebrows according to my hair?

Many girls wonder how to choose the color for the eyebrows according to the tone of the hair and that is why here we have the answer.

Most people naturally have a shade of eyebrows that matches their hair (although it is not a general rule) and they look great, because that is how we are genetically programmed.

However, when we make a change of look and dye it blonde, red or another color, it no longer looks so natural and, sometimes, it can look very bad… Until now! Here we give you the precise shades.

How to choose the color for the eyebrows

On other occasions we have already told you how to make up your eyebrows according to your type of face, now we are going to learn how to do it according to your hair!

1. Eyebrow color for dark hair

The first impulse of every black-haired woman is to make up her eyebrows with black pencil, obviously, right? Well, according to experts in image consulting, it is a mistake, since they will look darker than your hair. The ideal color is brown or dark brown.

2. Eyebrow color for blonde hair

Use shadows of a light brown tone to make up your eyebrows, in this way you will create a harmony with the tone of your hair; you can use eyebrow pencil too, but eye pencil is not recommended, as they are usually too dark.

3. Eyebrow color for platinum hair

If your hair has a platinum tone, the color you should wear in your eyebrows is gold (not pearly). Be careful, if you wear it with dark roots, you can use eyebrow pencil or brown shadows.

brow color

It is normal that you want to learn how to grow your eyebrows to later give them an incredible enhancement with a special tone. Check out these tricks to choose the right color for your hair style:

4. Eyebrow color for copper or red hair

Normally red-haired people do not have eyebrows of the same color as their natural hair, so the recommended thing in this case is light brown, if the red is light, and medium brown if it is a dark red.

5. Eyebrow color for chocolate or brown hair

This is the exception to the rule: you can use the exact same shade on your hair and eyebrows and it will look very natural.

When you paint your hair do you have to paint your eyebrows?

Everything will depend on your taste and how much you want to keep the same tone line throughout the face. It can be said that the entire surface of the eyebrows should not be dyed because it would be best to avoid the effect of two strokes in the middle of the face, which in some cases is unsightly and can dull the shine of the skin or generate shadows that do not define the best way to contour the face.

NOTE: Experts advise never to dye your eyebrows yourself, as it is a procedure that should be done by an expert to avoid causing damage to your eyes. Better put on makeup.

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