How to choose a career, by your life path number

When you feel lost in life, or just don’t feel like you’re of much value in your work, it’s always a good idea to seek advice and answers anywhere you can find them, including numerology.

Like astrology, numerology is a way of bringing to the surface a part of who you are so you can learn more about who you are and what you want from life. It won’t always give you a perfect answer, but that’s not the job of numerology.

Know what your life path is just a way to be more in tune with the complex individual that you are.

If you feel like your job isn’t much of a career at all, more of a way to earn a steady paycheck, you might want to Analyze your life path and see what kind of job would be best for you.

Believe me, it’s scary to jump from one career to another, especially when it’s a completely different industry.

It’s like being stranded somewhere without your phone or without much address.

Sure, you’ll eventually get your bearings, but it will take some time for you to fully understand the situation and feel comfortable.

When she decides she wants a new career, it’s up to you to decide how she’s going to take the next step.

Do you quit and then look for work? Do you do some interviews and job hunting while working 9 to 5?

Racing experts will tell you a million different things and if you ask me, There is no right or wrong way to change careers.

All I know is this: if something in your life makes you unhappyit’s probably the best for you leave that behind and find something that makes you happy.

Life it’s too short to be in a job you hate.

Trust me, I’ve seen more than a few people who hate their jobs but just don’t make any changes. What has always interested me is the idea of ​​the ideal job.

You know, the job you’d literally drop everything for and You’d probably move across the country if the opportunity was right and the time was right.

And even when the timing isn’t perfect and the stars don’t quite align, we tell ourselves that we should take advantage of this opportunity because it will probably never appear again, right?

But maybe the idea of ​​a dream job actually be just an idea. Is it worth taking so much risk for a job that sounds good on paper?

Or even wait what might seem like a lifetime in the hope that your dream job will come your way eventually?

It is important to always aim for do something you love. But it’s also a good idea have high realistic expectations about your career, instead of a fairy tale that you know you’ll never make it.

Not giving up is extremely important, But remembering that there may be more rungs to the perfect career than you expect is also important.

Learning more about your life path is a good place to start if you feel lost or just need that extra motivation to pursue what you already know you want.

if you ask me, It’s always a good idea to take risks if it’s for something that excites you. You just have to know that hard work is essential.

life path 1

As 1, you are known for be a leader with infinite creativity, independence and originality. Whatever career you choose in life will undoubtedly influence your strengths as a leader and innovator. You tend to find the greatest happiness in being totally yourself and doing the things you are passionate about.

You thrive in a work environment where you can work independently, lead others or start something from scratch. Pursue careers as an entrepreneur or independent contractor (so you can be your own boss); executive, manager or producer (so you can be the boss of others); either graphic design or craft (since you are so creatively inclined).

life path 2

The recurring themes throughout your life as 2, and in your career choices, are your needs to express your love, cooperation and diplomacy in everything you do.

Life is a series of educational experiences for you, and any opportunity you may have to contribute your wonderful gifts to the world is an opportunity you are going to seize with open arms.

You feel more at home in a professional environment that is friendly to the group, where you can share ideas with other people and learn from each other. The support, cooperation and intuition they are all extremely important to you.

Look for careers that help others, like nursing education or counseling; make a difference for the common good, as paralegal, lawyer or politician; or something that fits your social skills, like hospitality.

life path 3

Like 3, many things in life they come naturally to you. The abundance of gifts what have you do that it’s easy to find a career you’re passionate about; you just have to trust that the career you finally choose worth the hard work.

Your purpose in life is to share your sensitivity, inspiration and joy with others and of course, translate those skills in a career.

Find a career that plays to your strengths in communication and artistic expression. Leaning towards music, art, or writing; advertising, broadcasting or journalism; or a career where you can interact with people, such as psychology or sociology.

life path 4

As a 4, you are naturally attracted to organization, discipline and hard workboth in your personal and professional life. Regardless of the career you choose, security and stability will be your number one goal.

Your second goal? Find a career where you can see yourself succeeding for years: Your loyalty and trustworthiness extend far beyond your relationships.

Look for careers connect your passions and needs. You want to find something have a set routine and a safe future that can wait, like a financial planner, a project manager or an accountant.

Spreading your knowledge is also very important to you, which can make you a great teacher, engineer or expert in the industry or subject you decide.

life path 5

As a 5, you are known to be brave, adventurous and free. Whatever career you choose for yourself, it should be as exciting as you are and have the ability to stay engaged at all times.

Is there such a race? Yes, but only if you dedicate yourself to working hard to make it happen.

Look for careers can bring flexibility and fun to your professional life. You will be successful in careers that give you the opportunity to work with people from all walks of life and cultures, such as hospitality, travel or sales.

In addition, the public relations and marketing they give you the chance to do a little bit of everything without feeling bored or expendable, some of the main reasons you «job skip» in the first place.

life path 6

As a 6, your purpose in life is nurture, serve others and be responsible. You are a «big picture» type of person: you don’t like to micromanage and certainly You don’t appreciate being told what to do.

If you could have your dream job, it would be one in where you can be your own boss and make the decisions.

With that being said, you love helping others and are one of the most compassionate life paths. Home and family are very important to you, and careers like counseling, nursing, hospitality and social work te allow you to bring those values ​​to your work.

Creative career paths like graphic design, fashion and interior decoration can also pique your interest.

life path 7

like 7, intellect, balance, intuition and analysis propel you in your career.

While there are times when you get stuck in your head and over analyze things, you have an innate ability to be a very sensitive and emotional person when given the opportunity to connect with others.

Self-exploration is very important to you: if you can find a career that helps you connect with others and find yourself in the process, you will be happy.

Look for career paths like psychology, social work, research or even astrology and numerology that they give you an outlet to help others and delve into yourself.

life path 8

Like 8, you are the engine of the paths of life.

It is meant to have a big impact on your career and you find success and empowerment in financial, social, and professional achievement.

you are extremely ambitious and tough and you want to become a expert in any career field you choose.

Look for careers that allow you to focus on your goals and achieve what you set out to do.

You can find happiness in career paths like accounting, finance, medicine, law or investments.

These fields tend to require a lot of hard work over several yearswhich is the kind of stability you seek in your professional life.

life path 9

As a 9, your life purpose is develop your spiritual and humanitarian side. One of your greatest gifts is the ability to Succeed at anything you are passionate about.

you have the ability to make almost anything a careeras long as you stay dedicated to the cause and dedicate yourself to work hard.

You are very charitable, generous and compassionate. You tend to feel more accomplished in races with an attached humanitarian cause.

Look for races like human resources, social work; education, volunteering, or civil rights activism to achieve your goal of wanting to help others.

Also, study writing, music and arts they can help you get in touch with your inner self and express your creativity.