How to care for a hedgehog at home?

These little animals full of spikes have become the favorite pets, that’s why you have to know about how to take care of a hedgehog.

The first thing you should know and that experts in this species recommend is that these animals are not for children. The reason? Hedgehogs need basic care and special attention to stay healthy and strong.

How to care for a hedgehog as a pet

The first thing you should know is that hedgehogs will never throw their quills at you, that is, they do not project them. However, as a defense mechanism they will sting you and if you bother them they will roll up into a ball. If you still think that a hedgehog could be your ideal pet, you should know how they behave and what they need so that they have a good quality of life by your side.

What to feed a hedgehog

Remember that the human diet harms hedgehogs, it can also make them obese and this immediately affects their health since they cannot be rolled up. The ideal is that you can feed them with vegetables, fruits or insects such as crickets and for the water you use drinkers or bottles like those of rodents, in order to preserve hygiene. In addition, you must change the water daily to avoid possible sources of infection.

The cage? This is how you should take care of a hedgehog

The cage must have measures of 50cm by 65cm minimum, the bigger the cage the better. Never make the mistake of putting two hedgehogs in the same cage, since they are solitary animals and when they are accompanied they can get hurt. In addition, remember that his cage should not have bars since he can hang himself, so it is also recommended to use a glass urn where he should have his bed, a drinker and a low plate that will not turn over but remains fixed.

What temperature should my hedgehog be at?

Ideally, you should keep it at a temperature between 22 to 28°C, when the temperature is too low, your hedgehog can have health complications.

How to deworm a hedgehog

You should deworm your hedgehog twice a year, and also take it to a veterinarian every 4 months so that it has a general check-up where you know that your pet is in the best conditions. Also, remember that you have to cut their nails frequently because if you don’t they begin to curl and this causes health problems.

How to make a hedgehog get used to me?

The first thing you should be clear about is that you need patience for this little animal to fall in love with you. However, actions such as spending at least 20 minutes a day with him, feeding him from your hand and treating him gently are very good options.

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