How to Break a Mooring or Separation Spell

Hello! There are many of you who have consulted me about how to deal with the moorings and the couple separation rituals launched by enemies towards ourselves.

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Some of you even asked me if something could be done. If an attack as powerful as a separation spell or a black magic tie could be remedied.

And today I bring you the best formula to be able to eliminate, once and for all, the negative energies that have been deposited in you, in your partner or in a loved one with the worst of intentions: eliminate your will, your free will ✔️.

What is a Mooring? What is a Separation Spell?

As you know, a Mooring is a magical action that is used to alter a person’s reason and irremediably attract them to another person, regardless of whether or not they have a partner.

Before continuing I want to recommend this spell

And for its part, the Couple Separation Spell is used to, as its name suggests, separate a couple forever. There are some of White Magic, to separate couples who should NEVER get together. However, the most common is that they cast spells on us from the lower energy and astral plane, thinking that they will obtain greater effectiveness without taking into account the terrible consequences of these dark spells.

Therefore, how to Break a Mooring or a Separation Spell is what is often asked by people who feel they have been bewitched by an enemy or a person who wants them to separate, forever, from their partner, either boyfriend or girlfriend, husband or wife.

In this way, the person can feel that they are beginning to separate from their partner, as things cool down and little by little their person bends to the will of the separation spell or mooring that they have cast against them.

And it is that, the truth is that anyone is exposed to being cast a spell.

And unfortunately, not all wizards and arcane experts make use of White Magic.

At www. I only share spells of light, clarity and authentic White Magic ⭐️

But I must warn you that there are many other rituals, moorings and dark spells that can greatly harm you in your day to day life.

Learn how to undo a mooring or a couple separation spell TODAY!

That’s why I want to be positive with you and make something VERY CLEAR: there are simple ways to do counter-spells to undo or break the ties or separation spells that have been cast against our partner or marriage.

But first, let’s learn more about the symptoms that you will have if you have been enchanted, what characteristics this spell that I present to you has, and what ingredients you need to perform this powerful magic to break a mooring or a separation against us with the greatest success.

Symptoms of a person bewitched by a mooring, separation spell or other black magic spell against our partner.

Did you know? 🔎

I have found that many people do not give enough importance to these issues.

Most people overlook the spell’s symptoms, either because of skepticism, busyness at work, or simply because they feel there is no way they can influence their decisions and behaviors.

And the worst thing is that, sometimes, when they realize that something is wrong with their partner, it may already be too late ⏰ and there are complex changes that will need double doses of white magic to overcome.

And, also, unfortunately, if they have waited a long time, the situation will be very complex and they will have to overcome knots and obstacles to overcome the mooring or the separation spell that has been made against them.

But I want, right now, to give you my most sincere congratulations 😉

Because if you are consulting this article it is because you want to know and put an end to the bad times you are going through with your partner.

And because I am going to teach you, next, that you can cut a spell against you, be it a mooring against yourself (or against your loved one) or to undo a separation spell.

How to know if we suffer a couple separation spell or mooring against us? Symptoms of suffering from separation magic.

Next, I will mention the main symptoms that a person who has been bewitched with a tie or dark magic spell to separate from their partner usually suffers and experiences, based on all my experience:

  1. Headaches: this is one of the most frequent. The pain prevents him from concentrating on what he has to do and he even states that, although he takes analgesia, he can’t get rid of that throbbing pain.
  2. Bone pain: regardless of the age and physical condition of people, this is another alarm of the spells of separation and moorings against us, the frequent bone pain. This nuisance exhausts people and weakens them.
  3. Tiredness and fatigue: it is almost a consequence of the previous point. Pain is the first sign, but later it turns into weakness and tiredness. In the eyes of others, the person seems to lack energy and vitality. It seems that he does not want to live.
  4. Mood swings in ourselves or in our partner: this is one of the worst symptoms, since it is capable of ending the person’s social relationships. Thus, for no apparent reason, bewitched people suddenly have drastic mood swings. This is something that completely unbalances your life.
  5. Noticing the partner distant: this can be noticed in very different ways. Perhaps she forgot some important date, she no longer wants to spend time with us or you even perceive that she is hiding secrets. In short, she doesn’t talk to you like before, her eyes don’t light up like they used to.
  6. Discussions: you will perceive this very soon. Where before there was harmony, now a true storm has been established. Even insults and dirty words may have arrived where only beautiful words existed.
  7. Involuntary decisions: many times I have seen how people make involuntary decisions, even though they are aware that they are not the right ones. This is because the spell is able to completely dominate his actions.

As an example: the separation spell towards my friend Sofía.

Sofía is a 24-year-old Spanish girl, a friend of mine since we met through social networks almost at the beginning of starting my personal blog.

Sofía consulted me scared, embarrassed. She about to go crazy.

She had been married to Martín for 2 years, and also had a beautiful 1-year-old son named Sebastián.

This young woman was the victim of a separation spell, a year and a half after being married, cast by her ex-partner ⚠️

This individual was truly obsessed with her, and he couldn’t stand the fact of seeing her happy next to another person.

He even commissioned a powerful separation spell against Sofía and Martín and my dear friend began to suffer, one by one, all the symptoms: tiredness, estrangement, arguments, headaches, bad words… and some relatives spoke of divorce.

The separation spell can be cast in different ways, and that is why it is a bit difficult to fight against it, but it is not impossible, as I told Sofia back in the day and today I tell you exclusively.

Thus, this spell will be ideal to stop a divorce, separation of the couple or a mooring against us or our partner.

Also, I must say that it is an excellent method to undo a spell to break up couples.

I am going to explain to you, exclusively, the powerful Moon Magik ritual

It is a white magic spell that will actively fight, from minute 1, against the spell of separation, freezing, tying or witchcraft to separate you from your partner.

Its enormous power is based on the power of light, the magical action of the moon, the energy of the ingredients that nature provides us and the influence exerted by sacred esoteric prayers.

Sofia beat the magic in 2 weeks and now it’s your turn. Shall we start? 👍

Characteristics of the spell to break a ritual of separation or mooring against us.

Spell Theme: Spell – Protection – Love

Effectiveness: Very High.

Difficulty: Medium / Medium-High.

Spell Type: Spell to Break/Undo a Mooring or a Separation.

Ingredients needed to counteract a separation or binding spell against us.

The main ingredient of this spell to break a mooring or a separation will be a small piece of clothing, or underwear, of the affected person.

Next, I explain how:

  • 👱 + 👩 If we are undergoing a Spell to separate us from our partner ➨ We must use a small piece of underwear or normal clothing (which you must cut with scissors) of both of us, a piece of our clothes and another piece of a garment belonging to our partner . A piece the size of a coin (3 x 3 centimeters) will suffice.
  • 👩 If, on the other hand, we are suffering from a mooring, we ➨ We will use a small piece of our clothes, especially underwear, although remember that nothing happens if it is a regular shirt or pants.
  • 👱 If the one who suffers the mooring is our partner ➨ We will use a piece of your underwear or usual clothes. Although, my advice, is that you also use a piece of your own clothes. Since sometimes there may be, in addition to the mooring, a magic to separate us.

In addition to the piece of clothing, you should get these ingredients:

  • An empty glass or crystal bottle. The color does not matter, but it will be necessary that it can be closed, that is, that it has a stopper.
  • Three pins or sewing needles.
  • Three cloves of garlic, peeled, and small in size, get the idea that they should be able to fit inside the bottle.
  • A medium sized red candle.
  • Curing alcohol (96 proof).
  • A sheet of white paper (an A4 sheet of paper).
  • Black pen or marker.
  • 13 tablespoons of spring water (it will be great if it is bottled water).
  • 13 tablespoons of table salt (the one you use for cooking will be great).
  • A few drops of seed oil (sunflower, olive or other).

Simple ingredients for a Spectacular defensive Spell against dark bindings and separations!

Why does this powerful spell work to undo or sever a separating spell and also for a binding spell?

This ritual completely cuts through the spells cast to bend a person’s will.

And it is, it is for this reason, that it becomes so powerful to overcome both an amare and a separation spell.

And it is that both forms of dark magic, really, what they do is attack the emotional and decision center of the person. They make it vulnerable to the environment. They leave him cold ❄️ And they don’t allow him to act.

Actually, a person who is affected by a magic of mooring or of separation or breakup of the couple loses part of his personality and remains as a mere doll, or puppet, of the conjurer of black magic.

Therefore, the spell of light and white magic that I explain here allows the person to regain their decision-making capacity.

It will remove the blindfold, loosen the chains on your feet and allow you to love freely again, completely eliminating the witchcraft to separate or tie.

Step by step: performing a spell to undo a tie or a ritual…