How to be happy in a relationship?: Tips for a healthy affectivity

One of the things that is most difficult to maintain is the emotional life in balance, either due to overwork or for the requirements of modern lifecan not always be fulfilled with the basicsbut still we know that we all have the need for a spiritual and affective life that it is optimal. And within the things that have more complexities, within that emotional life, it is the fact of being or needing to be in a relationship.

Get into a relationship and fall in love it’s the easy partbut keeping the relationship stable and healthy is the challenging. If you want to strengthen your relationship and avoid separations, make sure you take some time to do the following things that we suggest. They will serve you a lot and will strengthen even more the loving bond with your partner and they will make you happier and healthier in the relationship.

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How to be happy in a relationship?: Tips for a healthy affectivity


Always compliment your partner. Gestures of adoration, buying small gifts, chocolates, flowers, and other simple things can go a long way and can save your marriage. The details are important, because they show that they think about each other.

declare love

Tell your partner «I love you» every day. Be sure to let them know how much they mean to you, and that you are always there for them. Sometimes we let time go by between one «I love you» and the next, and you should never stop confessing the love you have for each other


Love your partner the exact way they want to be loved. Learn what your partner likes, and also what they don’t like, and act accordingly. Caring for the other is essential. If you become a better person, your partner will also improve and love you more..

take some special time

No matter how busy or busy you are, make sure you set aside some time to spend with your partner every day. This should be a time for the two of you, to discuss how your days went, to go for a walk or have coffee together. This does not mean that you have to spend hours and hours sitting together, but even half an hour a day can go a long way in strengthening your relationship.

Pay attention to the details

Always pay attention to your appearance. This is very important if you want to remain attractive in the eyes of your partner. Do not wear the same clothes over and over again, but dress up as you did in the first days of the relationship. Also, make sure you stay fit, eat healthy, and exercise regularly for good physical health that benefits both of you.

Don’t look to the side

Be faithful to your partner. And it is that although infidelity is as old as love, many couples end up separated and divorced because they are unfaithful to each other. Sometimes being honest, loving each other, also implies keeping respect in the affective and before others. Respect yourself and respect yourself.

have independence

Do something you enjoy doing on your own, like taking a cooking class, a dance class, going for a run, playing cards with your work group, or going to the movies with your friends. Spending some time on your own also helps maintain a good relationship with your partner. Each one should have total freedom to enjoy doing the things they like best without depending on the other to do it.

be friends

Finally, be a friend to your partner. Get to know each other as one meets the best partners in life. Learn to give each other advice, to have a good vibe, to want to be together as the good friends that you are and that you can become. Sometimes we are close not only to a romantic partner but to that person with whom you have such a good time that even as a friend they are the person you like the most.