How to be good with yourself to be good with others

Most of the time we look for a way to be good with others and our environment, however, we rarely think about being well with ourselves.

Facing society the human being always seeks to have a correct behaviorbut many times this does not occur naturally.

To achieve being good with oneself is necessary to have high self-esteem and good emotional healthprecisely details that we overlook most of the time.

There are some keys that can help us have a good relationship with ourselves.

How to be good with yourself?

Precisely Karen Vinasco had a talk with Blassina Niño who is a therapist and its mission is to make caregivers of children have mental health, so that children can also be better.

Find out if something is not working well in your life even if you think everything is finepay attention to the signs.

It is important that you start thinking about yourself As you do with your best friend, we also recommend looking for the positive in complex situations.

Take care of your personal relationships, do not stop apologizing when necessary, find time to do the things you like and always try to do the right thingeither.

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