How long will Amparo Grisales be in force?

Amparo Grisales has been on Colombian television for a long time, she has worked as an actress, singer and jury of the popular program Yo Me Llamobut they haven’t asked themselves what keeps it so current.

We began to investigate and Amparo Grisales has been around for a long time and apparently the years are starting to show, that’s why the question is how long Amparo will be in force. It will be that the channel hides something of the reason because they have it there, because here we have some options.

We have recapitulated most of the programs in which La Diva so called popularly have participated and its changes are really noticeable.

But is everyone wondering why it is still so relevant on Colombian television?

Well, apparently Amparo’s eternal youth is noticeable in all seasons and they could verify it with all the photographs that we put of her.

But then what is the reason for her to continue there, because Amparo is no longer a young girl. We came to the conclusion that it could be the controversy that it generates, because as everyone knows there is no rating without problems and apparently she has brought several to the Yo Me Llamo program.

Here the most controversial fights that Amparo has had on the program

Girls, what do you think of this whole situation. Why do you think Amparo is still on television. They either like what she does or they definitely don’t understand why she’s still there. She comments at the end of the note and do not forget to share on social networks.