How is potted rice grown? it’s absolutely possible

Although not many people know how rice is grown at home, it is very important to understand that in these conditions, the grain may be obtained but without reaching industrial quantities.

Perhaps you are one of those women who like rice with everything and do not reduce consuming this food in a delicious lunch. Rice is a cereal that perfectly accompanies meat, vegetables, soup… Many times we think that planting it is only a matter of large rice farmers, but the truth is that you can also do it at home.

At Vibra we want you to start creating your own garden and for that reason, we show you how to grow mushrooms at home and the best way to plant a pot with a rice plant, which could help you save money in the market.

How the rice plant is grown

Roll up your sleeves to get to work! Take note because we are going to help you get it out of the stadium with your crop; These are the tips that will help you harvest rice in no time:

Set up

It is very important to select the type of grain you want to plant in order to buy the one that suits your tastes. The same should happen with the pot, it may be a good choice to do it in a plastic one to maintain humidity. Do not forget to acquire a good soil, acidic and with organic matter.


Place the very moist soil in the pot and introduce the rice seeds when you see that some mud forms at the bottom. Planting should be done with the ground flooded with a height of about 5 cm. If you can, put down a mulch to cover the plant and better maintain moisture.


It may be that if you planted in seedbeds, you have to move the plant to a new container, you should do it when it reaches an average height between 12 and 18 cm (do not forget that the soil in which you do it has to be muddy). For the rice to reach a correct ripening point, it may take 3 or 4 months. Harvesting and harvesting can take place about 2 weeks after the soil has been drained after the spikes have matured and once the grains have turned golden.

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