How does Fanny Lu look without makeup?

Fanny Lu surprised her followers with a photo without makeup, with a washed face! Look…

Makeup is one of the most important accessories for every woman, especially if it is a public figure, such as a famous singer, who beyond his talent live on your image

However, there is a tendency, arising from the artists themselves, share natural images of them on their social networks, without makeup, with a washed face! Lots of celebrities have…

The fashion for celebrities to show themselves without makeup arises as a response to the criticism that some sectors of society make of beauty stereotypes, thinking of how an unattainable ideal affects womenespecially the younger ones.

Recently, the singer Fanny Lu, jury of the reality show The voice Kidsshared on her Instagram account an image in which she would be without a drop of makeup, look…

“This #amyo, a woman who appreciates every day all the blessings received, who shows herself as she is and who sees everyone equally, regardless of where they come from or what path they choose, as long as it is for the good of all . A big kiss, @kanygarcia”, wrote Fanny next to the image.

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