How do men show that they like you?

Science reveals exactly How do men show that they like you?although they do not know it, because it is their body that “speaks”.

Many girls (and guys too) are not very good at identifying if someone is flirting with us or if they are just being nice, and because of this we may have missed many opportunities to have a relationship.

Science finally unveiled this great mystery of love. An investigation, published in the Journal of Sex Researchfound the specific facial expressions that would give away that a person is definitely interested in you.

This is how men show that they like you (and so do we)

The study was conducted jointly by researchers from Cornell and California-Davis universities, and used the Facial Action Coding System (FACS) to classify flirting facial expressions.

The 3 gestures we make during flirting are:

  1. a slight smile
  2. He follows you with his eyes wherever you move
  3. Turn your head to one side, slightly tilted down

«For the first time, we were able to not only isolate and identify the expressions that represent flirtation, but we were also able to reveal their function: activating associations related to relationships and sex.»

explained to Journal of Sex Research psychologist Omri Gillath, co-author of the study.

And of course, although this article is written for us, these gestures are unisex, because we do the same thing when we like a man.

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