How do men like women? Tall or short?

Science revealed the truth of how men like women in terms of their height, and the answer will blow your mind. Incredible!

Although we do not know it, there is an irresistible female height for men, are you in that group? Finding out is easy just click on your height range.

How do men like women? SHORT!

The models and beauty queens are huge ‘big women’, which are larger than the average of most girls, however, some of the most desired celebrities are not so tall, why?

According to a study carried out by Brunel University (England), most men prefer women who measure less than 1.60 because, unconsciously, they find them more feminine.

Are you among the most irresistible girls?

What do you think? doWill this study apply to Colombia?, where almost all of us are in that average? Write what you think in the comments, and share this note on your social networks!

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