How did Lorna Cepeda and her new boyfriend square off?

Have you seen the actress Lorna Cepeda and her new boyfriend? In the networks they congratulated her and she, without wanting to, told how they squared her.

Lorna Cepeda is one of the most beloved actresses on Colombian television. Her most recognized role is that of Peliteñida, who studied 6 semesters of finance at San Marino, but she has also played other famous characters, such as Petra ‘the jealous’, who in addition to playing in Chepe Fortune repeated in house of queens.

Who is Lorna Cepeda’s new boyfriend?

Until recently, Lorna was one of the most coveted single women of the national show business, but that came to an end with a post he made on his Instagram account. In her post you can see a series of photographs of Cartagena with her new love.

Although very little is known about John David Morelliher current boyfriend, according to the program The netfrom Canal Caracol, they have been a couple since the end of 2020.

Who is Lorna Paz’s husband?

Although she was married to Eduardo Paz since 1990, a couple with whom she had 2 sons and a daughter, in 2003 they ended their relationship. At the time of publication of this note (February 2021) she was still single, but in love.

Lorna Cepeda and her new boyfriend fell in love like this

The famous Peliteñida in Ugly Betty He received more than 700 comments on his post, most of which were congratulations on having found a new partner, however, what few got caught was that one of his followers revealed that he was to blame for the union of the couple.

Another follower even commented that actor Julio Cesar Herrera (Freddy Stewart Contreras in Ugly Betty)had a matchmaker role so that they are now in love.

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