How are the signs of the Zodiac in love according to Ricardo Villalobos

We asked Professor Ricardo Villalobos how are the zodiac signs in love and he explained to us not only that, but also how they are in heartbreak and other secrets that astrology reveals.

Ricardo Villalobos explains what the zodiac signs are like in love

Those who know the influence of the stars on human lives know that each of the zodiac signs has its own particular way of assuming love and facing lack of love. In interview with our radio station Vibra 104.9 FM we asked the astrologer Ricardo Villalobos about this topic and these are some of their responses.

What are the signs that suffer the most for love?

“There are signs of very long processes, such as those on land: Taurus, Virgo Y Capricorn. A tusa for a person from the land is very difficult.”

And the signs that suffer the least for love are…

«The signs of fire, Aries, Leo Y Sagittariusthey do not remain tied for a long time to a love sorrow.”

What is the sign that you love the most?

«When a Aries falls in love, he forgets absolutely everything that has happened to him. If he finds that person who catches his eye because he saw his eyes, he immediately forgets the past and says ‘with this person I will walk today and always.’”

If you want to know more about how are the zodiac signs in love, we invite you to listen to the full interview at the beginning of this note. And if you want to continue knowing more deeply how we are in love, we recommend you read about the most toxic zodiac signs.

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