How about these weird ways to lose weight? People do…

Every girl knows that the dream of many people is to lose weight without starving. That is why throughout history we have invented strange ways to lose weight with questionable effectiveness, like these…

In addition to extreme diets and bariatric surgeries, people do anything to lose weight (except diet and exercise). That is why we believe in «easy» or magical shortcuts to lose weight; That is why there are products that take advantage of our ingenuity. And it is not something new.

Top 7 weird ways to lose weight according to the BBC

None of the following methods of weight loss have proven effectiveness and, on the contrary, some of them can be very harmful to health.

7. Eating a tapeworm, the scariest of the weird ways to lose weight

In the 19th century it became fashionable to eat tapeworm eggs. The parasite would live in the person’s intestine and eat the food ingested by him, preventing him from gaining weight.

6. Fletcherism

Have you heard that you have to chew each bite at least 32 times? That was invented by the American Horace Fletcher at the beginning of the 20th century to improve digestion and keep his weight down.

5. Lord Byron’s Invigorating Vinegar

To keep fit, this romantic poet drank vinegar daily and soaked his food in it. His admirers began to copy his habit to have the same paleness and slender figure as his.

Apple cider vinegar to lose weight? This trick is not entirely false, as vinegar can suppress the breakdown of starches, reducing the rise in blood sugar levels by 36% when consumed before or with some carbohydrate-rich foods.

4. Prolinn

It is a protein drink with less than 400 calories launched in the 70s and that promised to help lose weight, created by osteopath Robert Linn. However, it was withdrawn from the market for causing dozens of deaths.

3. Arsenic

During the Victorian era, some slimming pills containing a mixture of dubious ingredients, including arsenic, which in low doses is a stimulant, were very popular. But deadly.

2. Rubber clothing

Just as today many girls wear girdles to lose weight, in the mid-19th century corsets and rubber breeches became fashionable; supposedly they made sweat and retained fat. The problem was that it broke the skin, causing infections. Now it is used for other things…

1. Fat-reducing soap (one of the rare ways to lose weight that is still used)

It happened in 1920, it happens in 2020. It was called La-Mar soap and according to advertising you only had to wash the fat part of your body and the fat would disappear. Does it sound similar to something currently being sold?

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With information from: BBC