Horse Symbolism and the Spiritual Meanings of Seeing a Horse

Horses were not always used as pets or farm animals. In the antiquityThe horses roamed free and wild. Now, man has domesticated and used horses for practical purposes. Horses are thought to be animals that ride or are used for service, play, outdoor work, and riding pleasure.

With these changes came a certain level of meekness. However, a horse’s desire is to roam and be free from restraint.

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The symbolism of horses focuses on this contradiction: they are tame but wild.

Horse Symbolism and Spiritual Meanings of Horses

Horses are symbols of freedom, endurance, majesty, spirit, determination, and courage.

They are creatures known to push themselves and do not give up easily. No matter how challenging the distance, horses can travel up to 100 miles a day carrying a person.

Horses have a need to run wild and free, and despite being used for sport and as pets, they are powerful and peaceful.

Horse encounters and omens

When you come across a horse, whether in the wild, in the waking world, or in your dreams, consider it a good omen and a sign that you will soon be freed from the bonds that hold you back.

Other luck and good omens are said to come from horseshoes, horsehair, and even horse feces.

Anyone who is compared to a horse is believed to have the same bravery and strength. Capable of overcoming adversity and persevering to achieve the goal in mind, horses prove their worth time and time again.

They are also not afraid to make quick decisions about the direction they are going. Life is a journey and the spiritual meaning of horses reminds us of that. It’s okay to change course and let your mind, body, and spirit be free of everything you want to leave behind.

What the horses of different colors symbolize

Horses come in many colors, including black, brown, reddish brown, white, gray, and shades in between. But seeing a horse of a certain color has a specific meaning.

Meaning of the white horse

White horses are considered teachers of knowledge and faith. They symbolize spiritual progress and control of emotions. For many, the white horse is a symbol of hope and reminds us of the vision we want to have one day.

Black horse meaning

While the color black can symbolize death, a black horse speaks to the essence of rebirth and promises a new beginning. It is both a positive and a negative harbinger of the loss and death of life: when one door closes, another opens.

Gray Horse Meaning

Gray horses tend to symbolize the bright side of life’s problems. Even in the worst of times, it is important to see the gray horse as a reminder that the conflict will be resolved in the end.

Brown Horse Meaning

A brown colored horse acts as a symbol of abundance. It reminds us to get rid of materialistic things and trust that what we need will always be provided.

Spotted horse meaning

A horse with black and white spots, for example, signifies the balance of life. We need both the good (white) and the bad (black) to fully appreciate everything we have.

Symbolism of the stallion and the mare

There is a difference between male and female horses. Male horses that have not been castrated are known as stallions, while females are known as mares.

Similar to the difference between male and female humans, stallions tend to be stronger due to their testosterone levels. These are usually the horses found in competitive horse racing. Mares can be ridden, but are generally used in more relaxed settings.

Stallions symbolize endurance, victory, and focus; mares symbolize care, sensitivity and reverence.

horse symbolism in dreams

Dreaming of a horse has an important meaning in your life. But be sure to pay close attention to how these dreams make you feel, and under what circumstances the horse appears.

Dream of a white horse

When you dream of a white horse, although they are symbols of hope, it means that there is someone inside or outside your life that tries to get in your way to achieve your goals.

Dream of a black horse

A black horse in your dream is related to your relationships. Dreaming of a black horse means that you are detached in your romantic relationships and you need to work on having a successful relationship.

dream of riding a horse

If you dream of riding a horse, it is a symbol of the power and ambition that you have in life, whether it is about a person or a circumstance. But this dream also means that you may have sexual urges that can get out of control.

dream of falling off a horse

When you fall off a horse in your dream, it means that you are currently venturing into an unknown part of your life. But this is not a bad thing; rather, it is a wake-up call to take control of your life.

Dream of a wounded horse

An injured horse in your dream symbolizes your feelings of tiredness and low energy to achieve your goals. It’s a warning to find some relaxation and give your mind a chance to reset.

dream of a dead horse

Dreaming of a dead horse is not a positive message; in fact, this dream indicates bad luck that will arise in the future in your waking life. But it’s also a reminder to stay strong and keep going.

Dream of a horse attacking you

If you dream of a horse attacking you, it is a warning that something in your own life is out of control; Like the wild horses, you have no perception of the impulses you act on. This dream also means that you have to face a harsh truth that you have been avoiding.

Dream about a talking horse

When you dream of a horse talking, it means that your subconscious is trying to convey a message to your conscious mind. That message can be a warning to find your inner voice and seek the knowledge you long to know.

Dream of being kicked by a horse

Being kicked by a horse in your dream is a bad omen that something horrible is happening in your waking life, be it related to your career, relationships or health. Be sure to keep this in mind and make changes to fix your situation.

Horse spirit or animal totem

Spirit animals are our guides, meant to keep us on the right path and teach us lessons along the way. Totem animals are also spirit guides, but they are the ones we call on when we need help. Both spirit animals and totem animals protect us, protect us, and help us find our higher purpose.

You can’t choose your spirit animal; however, you will know if you have a horse as a spirit animal if you have had a profound experience with this creature, or resonate with them in some way.

Those with a horse spirit are determined, confident, social, affable, competitive, and truly free-spirited. Having a horse as your spirit animal means that you will meet your challenges head-on, you will not back down if it means personal growth, and you will get along with just about everyone.

But a horse spirit animal also indicates that you may be holding yourself back from achieving what you set out to do; Instead of setting limitations on yourself, be sure to realize that the sky is the limit, and your achievements mean sticking to your guns.

A horse totem is for people who need more freedom and expression in their lives. A horse totem gives you the courage to overcome the challenges you face and helps you appreciate the beauty of the world around you.

Meaning of horses in Christianity and the Bible

In the Bible, horses represent power and courage, as seen in Habakkuk 1:8: «His horses are swifter than leopards, and fiercer than wolves by night; and his cavalry will scatter, and his cavalry will come from afar.» ; they will fly like the eagle that hastens to eat».

This passage is about God commenting on the Chaldeans, who serve as punishment for the people of Judah.

Horses are also an important part of the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse, from the Book of Revelation. Each of the riders rides a different colored horse: black (famine), gray (death), red (war), and white (Christ), and are meant to symbolize welcome at the end of time.

It was also believed that Jesus would return on a white horse.

Meaning of horses in metaphors

There are metaphors and phrases that capitalize on the symbolism of horses.

For example, the expression «hold your horses» comes from the 19th century. During this time in the United States, horses were the primary means of transportation, so if the stagecoach was asked to hold their horses, it would involve being patient or waiting.

Another common metaphor for horses is that of something coming «straight out of the horse’s mouth». While you’re at horse racing, it’s smart to get advice on the horse you’re betting on.

Therefore, you can consult the trainer, jockey or groomer for information about the horse’s form and ability. It is said that this information comes directly from the horse’s mouth, as they know the horse best.

Meaning of horses in the movies

Horses as symbols of power, spirit, and freedom are evident in the 2003 film «Seabiscuit.»

Loosely based on true events, the film follows the story of a small thoroughbred who rises to the top of horse racing during the Great Depression.

It wasn’t until his jockey, Red Pollard, arrived that Seabiscuit found his full potential. In this movie, the horse is used to symbolize the importance of determination, connection, and setbacks.

Horse symbolism in mythology and folklore

Native American Horse Symbolism
Native Americans viewed horses as symbols of their victory and power.

Many Native American tribes were considered to be more powerful if they had many horses. They would usually win more battles and find territorial growth with the help of the horses.

Horses were also used for hunting and travel, and the Spanish are known to have taught Native Americans to ride these creatures, rather than seeing them only as a food source.

Celtic horse symbolism

In Celtic mythology, horses were associated with the goddess Epona, also called the mother of horses, who was the protector of cavalry and horses. Rhiannon, another goddess, was said to ride a horse so fast that no one could overtake or overtake her.

Because both Epona and Rhiannon were goddesses from the afterlife, horses were said to be a…