Horrible navel tattoos!

These people thought getting a tattoo would be a great idea, however, these are the 7 horrific belly button tattoos.

Before getting a tattoo, think about it, because it is for life, unless you have enough money to have it removed.

Although there are some tattoos that are even to erase stretch marks, there are others as unusual as on the teeth.

Leaving that clear, tattoo whatever you want wherever you want, but be careful not to overdo it creative with navelbecause this natural hole can let the imagination of some tattooists fly too high, whose designs can be horrifying, like these…

Images of ugliest tattoos on the navel

Bad or lack of design, very poor technique or simply crazy ideas that should never have been realized. These that you will see below could classify as some of the most horrible tattoos in the world.

1. The skull tattoo

2. The horrifying cat worshiper tattoo

3. To cover stretch marks

If the goal is to cover stretch marks, cover them up with a cute, not hideous design, like this one…

4. Taking inspiration from the zodiac sign for a navel tattoo is all well and good, but this is ridiculous!

5. Horrible tattoo, but where are the nipples of this girl?

6. Funny, cute… But horrible!

As much as you immortalize an animated character on your body, be careful not to turn it into one of the ugliest belly button tattoos ever.

7. The last of the top disastrous navel tattoos: The infection

Before you waste time and money, remember to get good advice from professional tattoo artists, like the one who has tattooed our announcers.

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