Homemade lunch recipes that are a complete hit!

So that you are clear about homemade lunch recipes that are a complete hit, then we have some alternatives that we want to show you so that you can vary your menus.

Having to think about making a different menu every day can become overwhelming and give you a headache. Lack of time and tiredness will not be an excuse to stop cooking those things that you like so much because with these recipes that we are going to show you, you will be able to be in the kitchen for a short time and have an exquisite lunch.

If you need us to show you some recipes with pork that are a real gem or to know some simple preparations for your lunch, here we share some options:

Recipes for homemade lunches with meat

Let’s eat it was said! Choose the recipe that you like the most, put yourself in chef mode and prepare a menu that will make everyone want to lick their fingers:


Although it is a soup of loves and hates, it is true that it is a true jewel of Colombian cuisine. The tripe has its own thing and will manage to warm the heart on those days when life cries out for a typical and delicious recipe.

Here we show you how to make tripe, a Colombian recipe to pamper the soul.

loin jumped

The rich Peruvian gastronomic culture gives the world an incredibly delicious and easy-to-make recipe. Beef tenderloin, vegetables and an exquisite sauce come together to form a dish that you can eat at any time of the day and savor from start to finish.

See here the lomo saltado recipe.


Stewed meat squares are another great alternative to solve an easy lunch. The touch of homemade seasoning that you have will be ideal for this goulash to be impressive and take the opportunity to try a delicious lunch that will not take you long to make.

See here how to make goulash: a practical, fast and delicious Colombian recipe.

Homemade Chicken Lunch Recipes

With this type of protein you can also prepare some dishes that are a true delight to the palate:

Hoop rice

This preparation that mixes Peruvian and Asian flavors is ideal for everyone to feel envious of your lunch. The chicken in small pieces and well spiced, will make the rice have a unique touch and that you can go up to heaven and return to earth in each spoonful.

Find here the chaufa rice recipe.

chicken sweat

Dare to prepare this mythical household recipe. Putting your own seasoning on it, you can surpass your grandmother’s master level with this preparation and, at the same time, please those you love most at the table with a homemade lunch that is worth trying often.

Here we show you how to make a delicious homemade chicken sweat.

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