Highlights in the hair, an option to look beautiful!

The hair highlights They are a trend that never goes out of style and can add noticeable changes to your look.

If it is about wanting to look different, there will always be something that the magic of color can give you in the hands of a professional or by dyeing your hair without going to the hairdresser.

It is not necessary to dye your hair to enhance your natural color or simply to give your hair a different dimension. If you still haven’t decided to choose some highlights, we tell you how you could see yourself according to your hair tone.

What are the highlights in the hair?

It is about adding a little light to some strands of your hair, in order to achieve a greater volume effect, as well as depth and contrast without having to vary the hair tone you are using.

What is the difference between highlights and highlights in hair?

You should know that the highlights are done with large strands, managing to create very fine lines of color with tonal variations. For this, it is not necessary to modify the base color of the hair. The highlights, on the other hand, need a discoloration but of some upper strands (thin or thick) and which can be given the color you want.

highlights in ashy hair

Although for this range of the glossy or matte gray sub-tone, it is very good to find golden linear highlights at the base, you can also highlight it with shades of the range of coffee or copper.

highlights in black hair

Of course, being a dark color, the best thing you can do to give it a change is to add some highlights with a lighter tint that immediately give it tonal variety. Some strands in blonde or fantasy colors can be a great option.

Highlights on blonde hair

In shades of blonde hair (which do not include bleaching), it is always a good idea to try highlights in shades of caramel and in the range of coffee and copper, as they produce a wave-like effect that projects and enhances the highlights.

Highlights on dark brown hair

If your natural shade is in the chestnut range and tends to be dark, you could try a caramel fade gradient that falls over the middle of the hair and down to the ends and creates a sense of intense light.

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