High ponytail hairstyles: 5 beautiful looks

The high tail hairstyles They are usually a good way to look sophisticated and look different, since every day you could adopt a new image that matches your outfits.

Although there are updo hairstyles that need some elaboration and take some time to carry out, high ponytail styles can be really quite simple and will take more than one problem off your shoulders because they can hide the hair when it looks dirty or dirty. ideal to use them when the desire appears.

If it is about seeing you always beautiful, the idea is not to skimp on efforts. For this reason, we will show you the simplest headdresses that you can make in just minutes and that will help you attend any type of event:

Hairstyles with high tail and braid

When you have dirty hair and you’re too lazy to wash it or you just want to do a light hairstyle, a traditional high ponytail is the solution. Combining this style with a herringbone braid or a basic type, is an exit that will not take you more than 5 minutes to do. It’s a look fresh that could be ideal for lunches, meetings with friends or going to university.

Elegant high ponytail hairstyles

High updo hairstyles don’t have to be stiff or boring. How about you try a ponytail held in three sections, a style that is widely used in fashion shows by major designers and that will give you an appearance of greater length in the hair, making your face look slimmer and the more pronounced features.

Hairstyles with high tail and waves

A style that can be a wild card that works for all occasions, is the semi-updo. Letting your hair fall freely over your face, without pulling it too tight and accompanied by a ponytail of wavy locks is a hit, since you will not need to iron it or spend a lot of time in front of the mirror. This hairstyle is ideal for parties or gala social gatherings. You can try other hairstyles for curly hair, which will make you look stunning.

Simple High Ponytail Hairstyles

For these times, the motto of fashion is to return to the roots. A smooth headdress or with minimal natural waves can be the look perfect for outlining your features and diminishing the volume of your cheekbones. For this hairstyle you could tighten your hair and use different accessories to show off the high tail with hoops in gold or silver tones and rubber bands that make it look much fresher.

Hairstyles with high tail and bangs

A winning combo is the one made up of the high ponytail and the bangs. If you want to add a braid in sections, you should know that this hairstyle is going to give you a flawless image that will make you look slimmer. You could also try braiding it on one side instead of center for a very youthful, uncomplicated look for any occasion.

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