Hide your skinny legs with these clothes

If you are one of those people with thin legs and you are embarrassed to show them off, here are a series of fashion recommendations, so you can wear the garment that best suits you, without worrying about the appearance of your legs.

The trick to making your legs look less skinny is to wear clothes and outfits that accentuate thicker or curvier parts of your body. In this list you will find six tips that will help you create the illusion of fantastic voluminous legs.

1. Straight or boot cut jeans

The straight, wide fit of these pants can help hide skinny calves, even more so if they’re a little tight around the thighs. Very tight pants to the body, like leggings either skinny jeanstend to accentuate skinny legs.

2. Tight shorts around your legs and hit mid-thigh

It is likely that if you use shorts too open and loose, the legs look smaller. The mid-thigh is usually the thickest part, thus creating the illusion of prominent thighs.

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3. Clothes with prints and bright colors

the pants and shorts Vibrantly colored, they tend to add volume to the legs, as well as being super eye-catching. Quirky prints make any body part look bigger, so go wild with fun patterns!

4. Dresses and skirts that reach mid-thigh or mid-leg

It’s more or less the same dynamic as with the shorts; the garment hits the fullest point of the leg to create the illusion of a thick thigh.

5. Boots

Boots are ideal for accentuating the calf and making it look fuller. It is recommended to get boots that reach mid-calf to increase the illusion.

6. Wear small shoes

Large shoes or platform shoes make the legs look long and skinny, so light and small shoes are recommended, style flats or sandals.

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