Herlinda Gómez and Lucy Vives: very similar or very different?

Although Herlinda Gómez and Lucy Vives are mother and daughter, their physical characteristics are very different. While Herlinda is a stunning and curvaceous blonde with light eyes, Lucy is a brunette with a very classic beauty, much more like her father Carlos Vives.

In addition to their family relationship, what things do Herlinda Gómez and Lucy Vives have in common? How are they absolutely different?

How do they look alike?

1. Her passion for modeling. As anyone who closely follows the biography of Carlos Vives’ ex-wife knows, when the two of them got married, Herlinda was dedicated to modeling. Many years later, Herlinda Gómez and Lucy Vives share a profession thanks to the fact that the couple’s youngest daughter became passionate about this discipline, despite having begun studies in sociology.

2. A stunning mane! Undoubtedly the beauty of her hair was inherited by Lucy from her mother because, although they are of very different colors, they both have beautiful straight hair. Which do you think is better cared for? Herlinda Gómez’s or Lucy Vives’s?


How are they very different?

1. While Herlinda Gómez has always been characterized by her voluptuous and curvaceous figure, with very generous and shapely legs, Lucy is much more stylized and straight.


2. Although we do not know the exact height of either of them, we would bet that Herlinda Gómez and Lucy Vives are of very different heights, without a doubt the blonde is taller than her daughter!

Do you find any other notable resemblance or difference between these two beautiful women? Tell us in the comments.