Helen Mirren teaches Hollywood how to age gracefully

This famous actress turns 71 today as the image of Loreal: a lesson in how to age with dignity -and wrinkles- in Hollywood, where you are already old at 30.

Helen Mirren is one of the most famous actresses in the world of cinema. English as herself, she has played numerous roles, both in Hollywood and beyond. And at just 71 years old, she shows no signs of stopping, on the contrary, she is more active than ever. Throughout her career, she has acted in around 120 mistold productions, in addition to her work in theater, television and her directorial debut last year with the short Melomane.

Winner of numerous awards, perhaps the most precious is winning the battle against Hollywood in the war of eternal female youth. In an industry that pressures women to maintain an image of youth, she wears her wrinkles unceremoniously. Much smaller actresses have disfigured her faces with surgeries, implants and injections, while she emphatically asks Loreal (brand of which she is the image) NOT to retouch her advertising photos.

But not only does she draw attention to her beautiful and natural face, he also does it for his body; today we remember a photo of her in a bikini that went around the world a few years ago, when she was already 63, do you remember it?

Despite her intense work (3 movies a year on average for decades) she always looks fresh and full of energy. It is not known for sure if she has had a surgical retouch, but if so, she is not noticeable, well his wrinkles are obvious, without making his face ugly at all. This is how it looked at this year’s Cannes festival…

She is definitely an example to follow. It teaches us that wrinkles are also part of our beauty. Congratulate her on her 71st birthday in the comments of this note and share it, in addition to «Like» us. Happy birthday Helen!