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Choosing a good bra is an odyssey when nature has been too generous with you, so here we give you the keys to do it correctly.

The bra is an essential garment for most women, however it is vital for those who have a large and heavy bust, because in addition to helping them look better and more comfortable, it can also prevent severe back pain caused by excess weight.

Due to the above, we can affirm that choosing the correct bra when you have very large breasts is something that goes beyond fashion, that is why Here are some tips for you to put into practice the next time you go shopping.

#VibraTips when wearing heavy bust bras

  • Try them on before you buy them, with and without a blouse, that way you’ll know how you feel about them, but also if they help your clothes look good.
  • Always prefer lycra to other fabrics, as it offers better support.
  • Make sure the straps are wide, that way the weight will be better distributed on your shoulders and the garment will not be marked there.
  • To avoid sagging, wear bras with a thick band under the cups.
  • You should also notice that the back (where the brooches are located) is wide.
  • Although there are many types of cups (half, triangular, etc.) you should always choose the full cup that will help you keep your bust in place.
  • We know that the rod helps to round out the breasts, but it could end up digging into an overly large bust, causing pain and injury, so use it only for special occasions, not for daily use.

These tips are very useful, right?

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