Healthy breakfasts: recipes that you cannot miss

These are definitely the best healthy breakfast recipes that you cannot miss to enjoy every morning.

If you are looking for healthy options to eat in the morning, these breakfasts are perfect for you since they are also quite homemade. The best thing is that there is something for all tastes, so you can enjoy exquisite flavors.

Healthy breakfast recipes

These healthy breakfasts will help you start the day in the best possible way, take note of these recipes and forget about always eating the same thing.

Healthy breakfasts: Banana pancakes recipe

We want to share with you a super easy recipe to prepare gluten free banana pancakes (in fact, they are flour free), so easy that you will not believe it.

See the recipe for banana pancakes

Crepes with wholemeal flour and fruit

Are you bored by the same monotonous and repetitive breakfast every day? Try something different and also healthy! Surprise everyone in your house with a recipe that will leave them wanting to eat the same thing all day… Crepes with wholemeal flour and fruit, simply delicious!

See the recipe for pancakes with wholemeal flour and fruit


Here we leave you the easiest way to prepare an omelet, but without a doubt it will be the most delicious you can enjoy.

See the omelet recipe

spinach omelette

The best thing about this recipe is that you can prepare it in just 15 minutes, that’s why here we tell you how to make a spinach tortilla.

See the spinach omelette recipe

Healthy breakfasts: Fruit salad recipe

If you want to learn how to prepare a delicious fruit salad, here is the perfect recipe. You don’t need a lot of time, but you do need delicious fresh fruits to enjoy this exquisite recipe.

See the fruit salad recipe

homemade yogurt

Making homemade yogurt may seem like a very complicated task, but with the right recipe you can see that it is really easy and you will be left with the desire to lick your fingers.

See the homemade yogurt recipe

Colombian oatmeal

Oatmeal is one of those drinks that you not only enjoy for its exquisite flavor. But you can also take advantage of its nutrients, vitamins and minerals.

See the Colombian oatmeal recipe

almond milk

If you don’t know how to make almond milk yet, you’re out of the loop! Healthy eating moves invite you to consume vegetable milk, thus avoiding lactose that can affect the stomach.

See the almond milk recipe

What other easy recipes would you like us to share with you? Write what you think in the comments of this note, and share it on your social networks!