He sent his lover’s photo to his wife and discovered something worse

We all know that social networks imply a danger for users, especially for couples who are not completely honest and tend to hide controversial conversations, as well as the protagonists of this story…

Accidentally, a careless man sent his wife a picture of her lover, making her angry and throw all kinds of insults, as seen in the screenshots of this viral conversation from WhatsAppleaving us all speechless with the final conclusion.

This is the discord photo he sent to his wife.

The woman clarifies that she has made the wrong conversation, taking the opportunity to insult him.

She didn’t believe his apologies, since she already knew the woman in the photograph.

Also vibrates with:

So she took the opportunity to take the rags out of the sun from other infidelities.

Obviously, he did not allow himself to be pointed out either and told her that she had also been unfaithful to him.

What did the couple discover in the end?

She excuses herself by telling him that it is a lie and that it is a trap from another woman who hates her.

In the end he doesn’t believe her, so she apologized and he answered like this.

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