He is Germán Navarro, Mary Méndez’s new boyfriend

We introduce you to Mary Mendez’s new boyfriendwhom the presenter no longer hides and, on the contrary, happily boasts on social networks.

After a marriage of nearly seven years with the DJ Santiago Iregui, the couple decided to separate in 2017 and although the causes were never aired, there were rumors that pointed to conflicts due to her alleged addiction to fitness.

However, after the separation, Mary continued with her love of the culture of exercise and good nutrition; She often shares her stylized figure in her social networks, in which her slim and marked muscles can be clearly seen.

Who is Mary Méndez’s new boyfriend?

Perhaps what she needed in her life was a person who shared her passion for fitness and, apparently, that was what she found in Germán Navarro, who, in addition to being the manager of a major multinational, is also a fan of sports (a judging by their social networks), like her.


Although he had already shared images of the two together on his official Instagram account revolutions2.0 for some time, it was not until a few days ago that Mary also dared to show off her love.

«Choose a person for whom you are magic, nothing less 💫⭐️❤️»

Mary wrote in her Instagram feed along with the following image…

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