He did it! «La nit» was finally able to meet Luisito Comunica

After various teasing and speculation, «La nit» was finally able to meet Luisito Comunica and even the paisa brought him a very expensive gift.

On these days the renowned Mexican influencer is visiting our countrynot only in order to make visible the serious crisis we are facing due to the wave of violence that has been unleashed in the wake of the National Strike, but also with the intention of knowing the best of our culture.

His arrival has been widely applauded both by Internet users and followers as well as by the influencers themselves, who They have been quite excited about their arrival.

One of them has been the controversial content creator Mauricio Gómez, better known as ‘La Liendra’, who caused a whole rain of criticism and comments on social networks by desperately asking his fans to flood the networks of «King Palomo» with messages that he open a space in his agenda to meet him.

Many even called him an «opportunist», but the paisa turned a deaf ear and continued to search at all costs for a meeting with the youtuber.

However, things were not easy at all, because at a time when the Colombian’s manager managed to contact a person who was close to Luisito by phone, he tried to put the call through, but Surprisingly, the Mexican did not want to go to the phone, an uncomfortable moment that was even captured on video.

«La Liendra» was finally able to meet Luisito Comunica. This was the meeting!

Although it was a dream that seemed impossible to fulfill, «La Liendra» did not give up and was finally able to make an appointment with the renowned content creator.

Through stories and visibly moved, he told his followers details about the meeting and asked everyone to take good care of him so that he gets a very good impression. He even showed off a photograph in which he appears lifting the Mexican!

But the meeting did not end there

During the meeting, the paisa brought him a very special gift from him and from all of Colombia. Well, he decided to buy nothing more and nothing less than an original Rolex for more than 23 million pesos!

Through stories and in the company of his girlfriend Daniela Duque, the young influencer showed the entire selection, registration and purchase process, in which he also detailed the watch he chose to complete the extensive collection that the «King Palomo» has.

Of course, the reactions of his followers did not wait, because although many saw him with good eyes, others thought it was ostentatious and «a waste of money», before which the paisa defended himself by assuring that he was born and did it with his money, plus he had already made donations to people in need.

In a video that «La Liendra» shared on his networks detailing the appointment, the Mexican was quite surprised and even embarrassed by such a gift, but he thanked the paisa and the Colombians for their hospitality.

And you, how did you think of the meeting between the influencers? Do you think that the gift of ‘La Liendra’ to the Mexican is too much? Tell us in the comments and don’t forget to share this note on all your social networks!