He did it again! Amparo Grisales stirred up the networks for «mostrona»

Amparo Grisales is lately calling the attention of her followers on social networks with some very suggestive photographs.

La Diva de Colombia, as the actress calls herself, has more than one sighing because of a photo on her Instagram account. It turns out that Amparo has almost reached a million followers on this social network, so she wanted to attract attention with an image where she appears in a tiny swimsuit while enjoying the beach.

The photograph was accompanied by a message in which he assured, «I’m going for the MILLION FRIENDS!!! Well… almost… and without buying them!!!”. For this reason, many considered that he had taken the opportunity to send a taunt to various influencers and artists who buy accounts to increase their number of followers.

However, other of her fans only dedicated themselves to sending her messages where they did not stop highlighting her beauty and figure with her age. That’s why they left comments like these:

Always spectacular so we should all stay at your age. instagram comment

You are very beautiful… I want to reach your age as beautiful as that. Give us the secret. instagram comment

It has no bad prey. instagram comment

This old woman is so pretty, all those who criticize her would like to be like this… Instagram comment

Wow how beautiful she is, beautiful woman honor of our Colombian women!!! instagram comment

How about the photo with which Amparo Grisales caught the attention of her followers?

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With information from: Pulse